PhDs Thesis

  1. "Internet tomography: measurement of traffic and its relation to the topology"
    Esteban Carisimo
    PhD in Engineering. Year: 2020
    PDF view: Spanish version
  2. "Combinatorial Models of Complex Systems: Method and algorithms"
    Mariano Beiró
    PhD in Engineering. Year: 2013
    PDF view: Spanish version English version
  3. "Secured Point-to-point and multipoint Transmission System on shared media"
    Alfredo Adrián Ortega
    Ph.D. in Informatics (ITBA). Year: 2015
    PDF view: Spanish version

Master Thesis

  1. "Clock Synchronization on the Internet"
    David Sebastián Samaniego Bermeo
    Telecommunications Engineering Master. Year: 2018
    PDF view: Thesis
  2. "Evalutaing Contact Graph Routing algorithm in LEO satellite constellations "
    Juan Pablo León Astudillo
    Telecommunications Engineering Master. Year: 2015
    PDF view: Thesis Slides
  3. "Imapct of MPLS tunnels on Internet topology"
    Fernando Dávila
    Telecommunications Engineering Master. Year: 2014
    PDF view: Thesis Slides